Your Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

Your Rights and Responsibilities:
Choosing professional moving labor services from a company like J G & Sons Moving Labor is only half the battle when it comes to ensuring that your items arrive safe and without damage. Just like a plumber or other skilled trade professional, having the proper equipment can make all the difference when it comes to getting the job done right. Because moving labor is only one aspect of your self move, we can only provide some of the required equipment, like moving dollies and tools. Items required to make the trip with you, such as furniture pads or blankets, cannot be provided by moving labor companies because we would ultimately not get them back. Since proper padding for furniture protection is a major factor in a successful move, we highly recommend that you arrange for furniture pad rental from your truck r e n tal company. If you are using a portable storage (POD) company or a 'You Load, We Drive' freight company you will likely need to purchase furniture blankets. Please take a moment to read our moving guideabout available options for furniture blankets.

Your Rights:
You have the right to request a copy of our insurance certificate. This is available to customers with a booked move. If you would like to be listed as "Additional Insured" on the policy we require at least five days notice. Please review our insurance cer t ifi c ate request policy for more information. To receive an experienced moving team, as selected during your reservation, to complete your move. To view your completed load prior to the movers departing the site. To list any items damaged on site on the work order for a damage claim. To have a competent and knowledgeable crew, experienced in loading, unloading and packing. • • To have our mandatory moving equipment(one hand truck, one floor dolly and standard tools) provided on every site. To request a claim form and create a claim for items damaged on site that are not excluded as listed below.

Your Responsibilities:
With proper preparation you can avoid damaged items and ensure that if an item is damaged, it will be covered under the provided valuation. One key to being prepared for your move is having the necessary tools and equipment available that moving labor companies do not provide. As mentioned earlier, these include: Furniture Pads: Always have furniture pads available for your load. A general estimate is one dozen pads per 5' of space. However, this estimate should be adjusted to fit your needs. If your entire rental truck will be filled with furniture you should likely double the amount of pads normally required. For more information review these moving guides: How Important are Furniture Pads?  Types of Pads and Blankets and Where to Buy Appropriate Amount of Space: Moving labor companies do not provide on-site visual survey estimates ( 1 f . hv ? ) like a full service moving company. We base our estimates and crew sizes on other factors, notably the amount of space we have to work with. Because we do not provide weight assessments and we do not determine the space needed to complete your move, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that enough space is available to complete their load. Rope & Tie Downs: While many of our movers carry rope as a normal inventory item, not all do. Rope and tie downs are not part of our mandatory equipment and the customer should always have them available just in case. For more information read, "What Supplies Should J G & Sons Moving Labor Provide for my Self Move ?". 28' You Load, We Drive Trailers: If you are using an ABF U-Packtrailer or a freight companythat provides a 28' trailer you should always provide e-trac straps for the movers who are loading the truck. 28' freight trailers provide minimal protection for your household items due to their spring ride suspension and tend to result in shifting. We recommend that you review our moving guide discussions on A BF U-Packtrailers.

Proper Packaging:
While we recommend the use of used moving supplies and boxes as a green initiative, there is a point when boxes become overused. This is apparent when the structure of the box is worn to the point where it doesn't provide a sufficient foundation. Additionally, flat screen TV's and other specialty care items should be properly prepared. For more information please review these moving guides: How to Find Affordable Packing SuppliesI Packagil1!z Options for Flat Screen TV's. Access Conditions: Customers who require service in a large metropolitan area, apartment complexes, high rises or similar locations should be knowledgeable about the site conditions. This includes looking into the requirements for parking permits, reserved elevators and approval from HOA's and managers. By reviewing any potential moving day issues ahead often time you will allow our movers to complete your load, unload or furniture move in a timely manner without delays.

Household Preparations:
It is the customers responsibility to make arrangements for the protection of wood floors, carpet, walls, doorways, doors and similar property. Although every precaution possible will be taken to avoid damaging any household property, the responsibility for providing the necessary materials lies with the customer. Protective materials such as floor runners and carpet masks can be obtained from a local moving supply store or from an online supply store. Licensing & Certification J G & Sons Moving Labor is licensed by the County of Dekalb in the State of Ga , our license number is 00232824. We are a Listed with the BBB. Need more information? Visit our 'About Us' section or contact Customer Support at (404) 244-5306 for help with your questions.

Liability for Injury:
The customer is never liable for any injury to our movers that occurs as a result of normal household goods movement. When required by law, our movers are covered by Workers' Compensation. Because the requirements for Workers' Compensation differ from state to state, we contractually relieve the customer of liability for injury regardless of whether or not a Workers' Compensation policy is held in your state. For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions, specifically the section titled, "Liability, Injury & Insurance Coverage".

Notice of Limited Liability:
A moving company that does not provide transportation is not required to provide any type of insurance or valuation coverage. However, we believe that a professional moving service should have some level of liability for the services provided. Therefore, we voluntarily abide by federal tariff laws to provide basic Released Valuation coverage on all moves, the same coverage that a full service moving company must provide. This is a default coverage of up to $0.60 per pound for damage to household goods caused by our movers while on location. This coverage is not insurance and is not value based. Additionally, the coverage has many exclusions which are listed in "Exclusions" below. As we will discuss more in depth in a moment, moving labor companies do not transport your items and as a result, do not maintain possession of your items for the entire move. Because of this our liability for damages is limited to our time on site, once we depart your location we no longer maintain any liability for damages. Additional Insurance Options Full service movers (moving companies that also transport) are required by the Department of Transportation to provide customers with the ability to purchase additional insurance coverages. Because moving labor companies do not provide transportation we cannot provide additional coverage options. However, there are several types of insurance that may be available to you for your self move: L Homeowners and Renters Insurance - These coverages (notably homeowners) typically will cover damage that occurs during transit. It is recommended that you speak with your insurer to confirm the details of coverage. 2. Third Party Insurers - There are insurance companies that will sell a policy specifically to cover household goods during a move. It is important to note that these policies tend to have a lot of exclusions and should be thoroughly reviewed before purchasing. 3. Insurance from Truck Rental/POD Companies - Most truck rental, POD and self move transportation companies will provide insurance options for your items. These insurance coverages typically insure your household goods against loss due to fire and other natural events. Review the details of each insurance option directly with your transportation company before purchasing.

Moving Labor Vs. Full Service Moving:
There are at least five segments to every move: Packing, Loading, Transport, Unloading and Unpacking. Full service moving companies can provide a wide range of insurance options because they generally handle all five segments, ensuring that each item is inventoried and handled directly by their movers. Moving labor is different because we generally only provide services for one or two of the segments, most commonly loading and unloading. Because we do not provide transportation we can never oversee all five segments or maintain possession of your household goods for the entire move.

What Is Not Covered:
Exclusions Understanding the exclusions list will help you better prepare for your move. In addition to the list, we have also provided additional information for each item to help you understand why the items are excluded. Any item not recorded on our work order before we depart your location. Why: Because we do not transport any items, once the shipment leaves our possession we cannot be liable for any damages. You have the right to inspect all items prior to the departure of our moving labor crews. Any damaged items that are not excluded from coverage mu s t b e not ed on the work order to be considered claimable. Similar to traditional moving companies, any items that were packaged by the customer and not by our movers cannot be covered. Why: We cannot be sure how the box, crate or bin was packed and ifit was packed correctly. Further, many boxes are used several times and their structure may not be adequate to prevent damage. Household property such as wood floors, carpet, walls, doors and similar. Why: As discussed in "Your Responsibilities" above, the customer is required to prepare and prep these items against damage. Particle board furniture, notably bookcases and "Ikea" style furniture. Why: Generally cheaper items, particle board is prone to damage when moved. These items are not covered because of the poor quality of the material and the likelihood that damage will occur even when properly handled. Any damage to furniture when proper padding/blankets were not provided. Why: As explained above, hiring professional movers is only half the battle. Furniture pads are extremely important in ensuring that your items are packed safely for transport. If you fail to provide furniture pads it is very likely that some of your items will be damaged during the move. If an adequate amount of pads are not provided by the customer during the load we will not be responsible for any damage, even while on site. Special care items or high value items without proper packaging and preparation. Why: The best example of these items are flat screen TV s. Traditional moving companies will require you to crate these items before shipment to remove their liability. We will move these items without packaging or crating at the customers request, however we will not insure any of these items unless they are packed and/or crated appropriately. Pool tables, pianos, tanning beds and high value items. Why: High value items should be moved by a company that specializes in the item (e.g. piano movers, pool table movers, etc). We will move most upright pianosand pool tables assuming we have the correct number of movers on site, however, we are not liable for any damages if the item has not been properly prepared for movement. Items the customer helps with. Why: Our slogan is, "Your Move, Our Movers". Simply put, our movers will provide as much or as little help as you need. If the customer wishes to assist in the movement of any item they may, however, if that item is damaged while being moved it would be exempt from coverage. Furniture which cannot be moved safely or without damage to the home. Why: From time to time we will be asked to move furniture in/out of a home that is too large to fit. At the customers discretion, with approval from the supervisor, we will attempt to move the item despite the size. This typically will result in damage to the home and/or furniture item and is explicitly excluded from any coverage because the potential for damage was apparent and known. Items that we assemble or dis-assemble. Why: Our movers provide standard assembly/dis - assemblyservices for common household items (beds, mirrors, etc). These items are considered common and necessary throughout a normal move and do not require advanced knowledge or special tools. While most items will be taken apart or put back together without issues, we cannot assume responsibility for a service that we provide as a courtesy. Electronics such as gaming consoles, computers, stereos, tablets, etc. Why: Most of these items will typically be packed by the customer which is excluded from coverage. Further, we do not assess the working condition of electronics before moving them. Therefore, we cannot know for certain whether or not the item was in working condition prior to the move.

What Is Covered:
Despite the long list of exclusions and limitations, we do provide coverage for items that we knowingly, and without dispute, damage. Any item(s) damaged during the move mu s t be listed on the work order prior to the completion of your move. Any item(s) not listed on the work order are not eligible for coverage. Released Valuation coverage will be provided to all items dropped or damaged on site while in the possession of our movers, assuming they do not meet any of the exclusions above. Remember, Released Valuation covers up to $0.60 per pound per item. Factors such as condition of the item and depreciation may reduce the amount of compensation ultimately paid. How To Make A Claim Any covered damage that occurs, while we J G & Sons Moving Labor are on site, must be submitted to us directly 1. Make sure that the broken or damaged item(s) are listed on your work order before the movers depart the site. 2. Contact us directly and inform us of the damage. We will advise you of the claims process and, if necessary, provide you with paperwork to be completed. 3. Please contact J G & Sons Moving Labor at (404) 244-5306 to obtain this information.

Claim Remedies:
Assuming the steps above were followed correctly and the damaged item(s) are not excluded, a moving labor company that provided services will have the option to repair the damaged item or compensate you in accordance with Released Valuation. The option of repair versus compensation is at the sole discretion of the moving labor company.

The company may have relationships with repair companies and will have sole authority to choose the company of their choice. Although you may request your own repair estimates be aware that costs associated with estimates or repairs will not be covered unless pre-approved by the company. Requests for reimbursement for unauthorized estimates or repairs will be denied. Compensation: If the company opts for compensation instead of repair, a payment will be made to you based on the weight of the item, its condition and depreciation, up to $0.60 per pound. It is important to remember that Released Valuation is a basic coverage and will not cover the full replacement value of your damaged item(s).